CBB Standard

  • Nighttime scoliosis management
  • Benchmark for 35+ years
  • Over correction of long single curves


  • Nighttime dynamic treatment for Thoracolumbar Type II curves
  • Dynamic alignment strap


  • Nighttime wear for early intervention
  • Cobb angles < 25°
  • Soft material improves comfort
  • Neuromuscular patients
  • Weaning transition

Charleston Bending Brace (CBB)

Charleston Bending Brace has been the benchmark for non-surgical, nighttime, scoliosis management for more than 35 years.

CBB clinical outcomes are guided by three principles:

  1. Growth Modulation (unbending): The rate of the epiphyseal growth plate is affected by pressure applied to its axes. An area of increased pressure inhibits growth and an area of decreased pressure accelerates growth.
  2. In Brace Correction: The amount of in brace correction is a predictor of long-term outcome of the treatment. CCB principles overcorrect a spinal curve in accordance with the spine flexibility and maintain the patient's scoliotic curvatures at, or near, pre-brace values throughout the growth period and on to skeletal maturity.
  3. Patient Compliance: Patient comfort and compliance is promoted through nocturnal wear. Compliance is measured by Intelligent Orthotics (iO™) compliance monitor embedded into the device.